Weight Watchers and Walk at Home are Walking Together

Denise before and after

Weight Watchers and Walk at Home are Walking Together

Cheryl’s Testimony (Certified Walk 15 Instructor)

To put it quite simply…..Weight Watchers has provided me over the past 29 years with food plans (not a diet!) that work for LIFE to allow me to learn and apply healthy eating habits in all situations….no food is forbidden…I have learned how to incorporate all foods into my day. WALK has provided me over the past 20 years with an exercise program that fits into all my days; in any situation. I tried all forms of exercise….lots of things, lots of fads, but nothing I could stick with. I LOVED WALKing! WALK was the perfect match to help keep the weight off and keep me healthy.

The benefits of WALK 15 are many!!!! It helps with weight loss and helps reduce body fat, helps with lowering a persons resting pulse and blood pressure and cholesterol, builds muscle strength, reduces stress, helps you to sleep better, increases metabolism, raises your energy levels, helps to control diabetes, helps with breathing and improves circulation, it’s an anti-aging treatment, helps relieve arthritis and back pain….well, I could go on and on!! I don’t know anyone who has ever done a WALK in any of my classes say that they didn’t feel better when they were done…you can’t help but feel happy!!
The benefits of WEIGHT WATCHERS are many as well!! This is a program with real science behind it! Each year this program has just gotten better and better….just when I would think its at its best…they discover more ways to make it more effective and easy to follow…a program for LIFE….it’s not a diet, it’s a healthy plan that allows you to eat anything and fit it into your day….it’s been so helpful in keeping me accountable for what I eat and ultimately how I feel.

The combination of WALK and WEIGHT WATCHERS has made me healthier than I thought possible…I’ll be turning 71 this summer and I feel wonderful! I’ve got the best food plan and the best exercise program and together they work to keep me healthy. Both plans are just natural…..I eat healthy and I WALK!! I do indulge periodically, because after all this is a LIFE’S JOURNEY and I can’t deprive myself of goodies sometimes….but I like to remind myself of an old WEIGHT WATCHERS saying….”Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”….and that keeps me in control!

I have a pacemaker, I have had knee surgery, I have had back surgery, I have asthma, and I have COPD… but I’m unstoppable……I am healthy, I am strong, mentally and physically! At forty, I felt AWFUL, at 50 I felt AMAZING, at 60 I felt AWESOME, and at 70, well, I feel ASTONISHINGLY AGELESS!!

I plan on continuing as a lifetime member of WEIGHT WATCHERS, always encouraging the meeting room members to keep on working toward their goals and to tell anyone who asks, what a great plan it is! I also plan to continue to be a Master WALK 15 Instructor for as long as the good Lord allows me to ……. I have longevity in my family and it would be really fabulous to be able to lead my classes into my 80’s and beyond…and why not? Sounds like a doable goal!

My journey initially started back in 1969 when I was planning my wedding and was overweight even then…I lost the 90 pounds with another plan, but didn’t keep it off. I gained it all back and when I turned forty, I was 100 pounds overweight. I tried a crazy fad diet, lost 10, then went to WEIGHT WATCHERS and got serious……lost the weight but a few pounds would come back and finally realized when I met Leslie Sansone at a WEIGHT WATCHERS meeting (when I was staff at the time) that her WALK was what I needed to incorporate into my day…..I always wanted to reach the 100 pound weight loss mark but just never could do it…..then this past December preparing to go to Penn State to do the WALK at THON I decided this was the time to get to that final goal of 100 off…..healthy eating, lots of WALK and strength, and the grace of the good Lord, it finally happened!!


Dina’s Testimony

Hi there! I messaged you a year ago after losing 60 lbs. I’ve kept strong on following Weight Watchers, walking with Walk at Home, and riding my recumbent bike. I’m now down 126 lbs and at my lowest adult weight ever! I’m 20 lbs from a healthy BMI and have never been happier or felt healthier. Thank you Walk at Home!

Dina Before and After

Ruth’s Testimony

I began going to Weight Watchers in August 2017 and have lost 29 pounds. The only exercise I do is the Walk at Home workouts. I alternate between one, two, and three miles depending on how much time I have in the day.
Thank you for your encouragement.

Denise’s Testimony

Hi Walk at Home! I just finished doing a 2 mile walk with your DVD. I first discovered your system back in the 90’s at a local library when it was on VHS tape. Fell in love with it and lost weight. Then yo-yo’d with the weight for many years. I keep going back to your system. Lasy year I joined Weight Watchers. It was a gift to me from my son. I’m down 50 lbs and make your workouts a morning routine for me before I even leave the house. Feel so much better and my health is better. Thank you for creating this system!

Denise before and after

Karen’s Testimony

Dear Walk at home team.
I have lived a sedentary lifestyle until 1/1/16. I joined Weight Watchers and heard about Walk at Home. I have been walking daily on YouTube and recently purchased the Miracle Miles 5 DVD set. I workout at least 5 days a week with outdoor walks as much as the weather will allow. I have lost 63.6 pounds this year and can see the toning in my arms , legs, waist line and my joints feel great. Not bad for a 66 year old woman. I love to walk and this fits right into my lifestyle of Weight Watchers and love of walking.
I have reached my Goal/Lifetime at Weight Watchers. My ONLY activity for the past 2 years have been exercising to the Walk at Home workouts. I use the Miracle Miles dvds 5 days a week. I also walk outdoors before work. This is sustainable for my lifestyle.

I am off all Diabetes meds.

I have gone from a size 24 to a 10 pants. 12 dress.

Leslie – Thank you from the bottom of my (healthy) heart 😘

JJ’s Testimony

I just wanted to tell you, I did make it to goal, with the awesome help of all of you at Walk at Home and Weight Watchers!! I’m so grateful I was introduced to you all in the spring of 2016 at my Weight Watcher meeting when we did the 5 minutes of walking before each meeting in March and April that year! I released 103 pounds, thank you thank you thank you!!!

JJ Monte

Lori’s Testimony

I have lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers and was looking for a good at home work out 🏋 … absolutely love your walk at home 5 DVD package with extras… you make work outs fun and before I know it down. Find myself adding another mile
I made Weight Watcher Lifetime and lost 79.6lbs.

Heidi’s Testimony

Thank you for creating these great videos! I have lost 40lbs since May with Weight Watchers and walking. My schedule doesn’t always allow me to go outdoors at a decent hour to take a walk. I am loving having these as a go to option on those days.

  • Jan Rayford
    Posted at 19:22h, 08 December Reply

    I started doing the Leslie videos over 14 years ago in conjunction with WW. I will admit I have fallen off the WW and walk aerobics wagon more than once, but have been back on track for the last 4-5 years. Just ordered the Leslie video that is sold thru WW. It’s a good tape and a nice break from the ones I have been doing for years and can say all the dialog along with Leslie.

  • Aruna Chandiramani Nellas
    Posted at 02:18h, 05 January Reply

    Hi, My name is Aruna Nellas, I am.an Indian National but a Filipino citizen. I started using your 3 mile walk (45 Minutes) in 2008.Aug 2008 I weighed 140-150 pounds. I went gradually on a low card diet and I losg some weight. By December 2008 I was i introduced to the 3 mile walk which was 45 minutes and from that time onI lost weight faster. I also used the same exercise while pregnant since I was prone to gestational diabetes, which was the case with mu first pregnancy. It was just perfect and not to heavy for me. I used it for 8 years.
    By 2016 However, I was eating more carbs like rice (small.portions,bananas and some bread) and I started gaining the weight.I stopped 3 miles because i thought it was not working for me anymore and started running and using other exercises, But i just kept gaining weight. Soon, running and the other exercises.became too exhausting for me.

    By November 2017I decided to go on a.low carb diet again and I search for easy and lesa exhausting exercises. And lo and behold, I found the 3 mile fun and fast walk series. I loved that it was in 15 minute segments. It helped me.to re adjust. Now I I am.at my desired weight. I do several of yourwalking exercises. I do 2, 15 minute series and maybe If I have time add a shorter one.

    I am 44 years old, a.pastor’s wife, mother of 2 . I need to live healthy, my dad died of a heart attack at 47, He had diabetes,High blood pressure and heart problems. I thank God that I came across Leslie Sansone walk at home exercises.

  • Jeannine Koski
    Posted at 15:24h, 16 January Reply

    I started Weight Watchers on 1/2/18, to date, I am down 87 pounds. I started walking with Walk at Home on Youtube and then through the monthly subscription in approximately March of 2018. The pounds have melted off. I love the freedom of Weight Watchers and the variety of Walk at Home. I have worked my way to a five mile walk at least once a week. I thank God daily for the tools to live a fun, healthy life. Thank you

  • Erin Cunia
    Posted at 02:45h, 23 January Reply

    I started WW and WAH in April 2015 and lost over 70 pounds and made Lifetime goal. Life got in the way, good habits went away, and bad habits krypton back in. I haven’t gained it all back, but enough, and I’m back becuase WW and WAH works!!

  • Gina Fuller
    Posted at 16:42h, 29 February Reply

    I’m using the Walk series also but wondered how you track your walk in the Weight Watcher’s App and use a Fit Bit tracker. My Fitbit recently stopped syncing with the WW app so I’m trying to track manually in the app. I’m interested in any ideas you have. I normally track how much time I walk and then also how many steps but would like to know what any of you do who use a FitBit, WW app and Walk series. Thanks!!!

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