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The Original Walking Workout With Leslie Sansone

Walking is one of the simplest ways to get more exercise and offers many benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels! If you’re ready to rack up some steps and lead a more active lifestyle, check out the new Miracle Miles. This set features 5 all-in-one workout DVDs with cardio, flexibility and strength training, a sculpting band, a 1-year workout calendar, 7-day quick-start meal plan and more. There’s no place like home to walk your way to better health!


Take our “Miracle Miles” 15 Day Challenge: 1 Mile a Day for 15 Days…START NOW!

It’s true… of all the choices you have to lose weight, NOTHING BEATS simply “BURNING MORE CALORIES.” Do you know our walking workouts can deliver some of the HIGHEST CALORIE BURN you can get from simple, easy to follow programs?


Ready to start losing the EASY way? Ready to slim your belly, and actually enjoy your workout? It’s the EASIEST System ever! There’s more BELLY SLIMMING while you WALK, more ARM SCULPTING while you WALK, More THIGH SLIMMING while you WALK!


The Miracle Miles “Walk at Home” Workouts are the BEST way to get started WALKING for a better body, a slimmer body, a healthy body!

Miracle Miles by Walk At Home


WALK 15® Group Classes

Group exercise class for everyone of all ages and all fitness levels. It is a fitness program that virtually anyone can do…it’s for ALL WALKS OF LIFE! Get big results with our fast and easy 15 minute miles.

Become a certified WALK 15® leader or grab a friend and join a class!


Walking Workouts To Fit Your Lifestyle

Walk At Home® offers walking workout DVDs and accessories for all walks of life! From Miracle Miles and Walk to the Hits, to our preloaded Music & Video player, our shop offers the perfect workout for you. We’re bringing the FUN to walking!

leslie sansone walking dvd

“I am excited about your program…It is easy and energizing, inspiring and uplifting.”

Success Stories

You can walk off weight at home! We are so inspired by your success stories. Men, women, young, and old have all gotten healthy with Walk at Home®. Create your own success story! 


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