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About Us

We’ve been walking for over 25 years!

What started as a few aerobics classes in Leslie’s health club in the 80’s (big hair! leg warmers!) has grown into the #1 in-home walking program worldwide, with over 18 million DVDs sold! From the very first “Walk Aerobics” VHS tape to our latest best-selling DVDs and downloads, we’ve produced over 100 in-home walking workouts.

About Walk at Home

Specifically developed to get you moving!

Our “Walking” burns more calories than a stroll around the park because:

  • It’s a series of multi-muscle moves
  • Movement set to the beats per minute in workout (and popular) music.
  • A higher muscle engagement leads to higher calorie burn and of course more muscle tone!

…and all while being easy on the joints! Walking is the most natural and effective way to health and wellness, and works for anyone, any age, any size and anywhere …because we’re Walk AT HOME®!

Walking to Health with Leslie!

Leslie Sansone is an internationally recognized fitness expert and creator of the Walk at Home fitness program. Her philosophy is simple: Our bodies were made to move, and we can Walk our way to health and wellness! Leslie holds eight fitness certifications from organizations including The American College of Sports Medicine and Cooper Institute.


With over 30 years experience leading millions to health and wellness (and a 2014 induction into the National Fitness Hall of Fame), Leslie is a highly sought-after contributor to publications including Woman’s Day, Real Age, iVillage, Family Circle and many more. She was QVC’s first on-air guest and has made national TV appearances for the past 30 years.


Leslie is a wife and mother of three, and loves to cook, eat and WALK!


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