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Your Daily Walk App

Keep your workout fresh with a new video every day.

An easy and fun way to get fit!


Keep your walking workouts fresh with a new plan each month!


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Every day of each month is planned for you… some days you’ll take a long walk… some days a mini walk… or even a rest day… just tap the screen and WALK!


Each daily video comes complete with all the features from the DVD, including chapters and bonus features.

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What will I receive?

Each month you will receive a mixture of content including:


1) Special edits of your favorite Walk at Home workouts
2) Advanced Cuts (Edits of more advanced miles from your favorite workouts) EXCLUSIVE TO THE APP
3) Miles from classic Walk at Home workouts
4) Full Workouts


At the end of the month, those workouts will go away and you will receive new set of workouts at the beginning of the next month.


The Your Daily Walk App is the best resource of the Walk at Home workouts. Content ranges from classic “Walk Away the Pounds” miles to our most recent customer top rated “Miracle Miles!”


The app includes a Calendar View to see which workout you are receiving on which day. You will have access to all the workouts of the month so if you do not have time to complete the workout on the given day, you can always skip around.


Get started today with free one week trial when you subscribe!

What could be easier?

No hassles with discs, DVD players or remote controls.


Once you’ve signed up, just download and launch the app on your iOS or Android device and today’s workout appears front and center. Tap once and high quality video starts streaming right to your screen.


Go to to get the app on your DESKTOP!


Work out with WALK at Home anywhere that has WiFi, 4G or LTE–your home, hotel rooms, beach or mountain cabins or when visiting friends.

Your Daily Walk

Mixing it up makes working out more fun!

Variety is key to maintaining a workout program.


Your Daily Walk gives you a fresh new workout every day for three or four days a week, with rest days in between.


Get ready for a brand new you! Subscribe today!

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Go back or forward in time.

If you want to skip to past workouts, or forward to future workouts, just swipe the screen right or left.

How do I get started?

1. First, sign up for a monthly ($4.99) or annual membership ($49.99).

2. Then, download the iOS or Android app from the links on the “thank you” page or your email receipt and sign in.


For support with app, please contact


Visit this link for additional 24/7 support – Platform Purple 24/7 Support

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Sign up now and get your first week FREE!

Annual membership (best value): $49.99 *

Monthly Membership: $4.99 *

*Credit Card Required
Have Questions? Visit Our FAQ Page


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