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Is this safe to do during pregnancy?

Walking-based workouts are usually favorable according to most OB/GYNs, and many women have used our workouts successfully during pregnancy…however we are not licensed medical professionals and cannot make any claim to safety regarding the use of our workouts during pregnancy in any trimester. We’d simply recommend asking your Dr. what type of exercise is best for you. Additionally, we’re often asked which specific workouts are best to use during pregnancy…again, we can’t indicate specific titles, as we do not want to become liable for any resulting injury. We have certain workouts more suitable for beginners (see below), and always advocate “modifying” ANY of our workouts to suit your comfort level.

What do you recommend for (insert physical condition)?

We are not licensed medical professionals and cannot make any claim to safety regarding the use of our workouts in lieu of any particular physical condition. We can simply say that our in-home walking, being generally low impact, is easier on the frame than most other forms of exercise. Please ask your Doctor what is best for you.

How do you calculate mileage/can I use my pedometer?

We measure miles by matching the beats per minute of the music to miles per hour. By this metric, roughly 15 minutes of our in-home walking equals 1 mile. And because our movements are in place during some of the workout (like Knee Lifts), a pedometer will not always register each step…so a pedometer used to measure our in-home “walking” will not be entirely accurate.

Our Mile System

How many calories are burned?

The short(er) answer: Our walks always move at a brisk pace…we design the speed (miles per hour) of the walk by the beats per minute of the music. If you keep the pace of our walk and follow the arm movements at full intensity, you can burn at least 100 calories per mile…your body weight will determine if it will be a bit under this amount (a lighter body weight will burn less calories). Others will burn over 100 calories because of a higher body weight…and don’t forget all those MUSCLE ACTIVATING Walk Boosters! If you use hand weights, bands, belts, you BOOST the intensity of the Walk and BURN MORE calories! The simple answer to “How many calories do we burn per Mile?”


The Walk without Boosters — approx. 100 calories per mile! The Walk with Boosters — approx. 125 – 150 calories per mile!


See Leslie’s blog posts on this topic for more info on our calorie- burning methodology:


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What type of shoes should I wear?

Generally we like running shoes for our walking workouts, as they have the best shock absorption. For more on this, see Leslie’s previous blog post on “Shoe Talk”

Can I use your DVDs to lead group classes?

Thank you so very much for being a fan of our Walk at Home workouts and wanting to share the many health benefits and fun with others! Because of people like you we have remained the #1 Walking Program for over 30 years! Unfortunately using the DVDs in a public setting is a violation of copyright laws and is considered piracy, but we are happy to say we have the perfect solution for you 🙂


You can become a Walk 15® Instructor and lead classes in your community anywhere you would like (churches, schools, libraries – wherever people gather). This is an exciting opportunity and fits your exact needs and desires! Please check out all the information by visiting our Walk 15® page. After you have read through the site and clicked on all the links and tabs please get back to us and let us know how we can help you with this exciting endeavor!


Again, thank you so very much for being a fan.


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